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As an employer you must and are legally obliged to give each of your employees a written itemised statement of pay. This is usually known as a payslip or wage slip and must be issued at, or before, the time you pay the employee.

You do not have to give an itemised payment statement to:

  • Freelancers and contractors i.e. people you pay who are non-employees

What should be in you pay statement  

  • The gross amount of the wages or salary before deductions
  • The amounts of - and reasons for - any fixed deductions
  • The amounts of - and reasons for - any variable deductions
  • The net amount of wages or salary payable after deductions
  • A breakdown of each part-payment e.g.  part by cheque, part in cash

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free payslip Free payslip download

Sample wage slip you can download and adapt 


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