Health and safety signage

We have added a huge selection of the most commonly used UK health and safety signs. The introduction of signage is the latest in our quick and simple solution to health and safety.

Where people are employed the use of hazard signs is covered by the Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.
Health and safety signage has a vital role to play in communicating safety information from directing people to the emergency exit or providing universally understood safety information.

The Microsoft Word documents allow the signage to be resized and used as many times as you need.

No smoking vehicle sign
First aiders list sign
No unauthorised person vehicle sign
First aid sign 
Acid sign
First aid available sign
Carbon dioxide sign
First aid box sign
Caustic sign
Emergency shower sign
Clinical waste sign
Emergency phone sign
Gas sign
Emergency eyewash sign
Keep locked sign
Ear protection zone sign
Do not store food sign
Ear protection sign
Food production area sign
Emergency stop button sign
Hairnet sign
Machine guard sign
Wash hands sign
Guard sign
Wash only food equipment here sign
No unauthorised operation sign
Wash only hands here sign
Pedestrians sign
Wear hairnets sign
Sound horn sign
Eye protection must be worn sign
Switch off sign
Footwear must be worn sign
Use guards sign
Goggles must be worn sign
No access sign
Helmets must be worn sign
Trip hazard sign
Wear boots sign
Slippery surface sign
Wear ear protection sign
Danger cleaning sign
Wear gloves sign
No smoking area sign
Wear goggles sign 
Danger working overhead signs
Do not lift sign 
Fragile roof sign
Danger electric shock sign
Danger asbestos sign 2
Disconnect supply sign
Danger asbestos sign
Clear away tools sign
Permit to work sign
Keep tidy sign
Visitors HS work act sign
No tipping or dumping sign
Visitors report gatehouse sign
Tidy site sign
Visitors report reception sign
Tidy work station sign
Visitors wear PPE sign
Use bins sign
Accidents must be reported sign 


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