What is standard operating procedure

Standard operating procedure refers to a set of detailed step by step instructions for undertaking a specific task.  A standard operating procedure provides clear and concise instruction with enough detail so that someone with limited experience can reproduce the procedure.

The main difference between standard operating procedures and a policy is the detail. An effective standard operating procedure should communicate:
  • Who performs a task?
  • Where it should take place
  • When it shall be performed
  • How the task will be executed
  • What materials are required
A policy can include a standard operating procedure for example a policy on hand washing in a restaurant may contain standard operating procedure on proper practices.

A standard operating procedure for hand washing might look like:
  1. Use designated hand washing sink.
  2. Wash hands and forearms thoroughly using warm water for 30 seconds.
  3. Lather hands and forearms for 10 seconds using soap from dispenser.
  4. Wash between fingers and use the nail brush to clean under nails.
  5. Rinse hands and forearms thoroughly using warm water for 30 seconds.
  6. Dry hands with paper towels from the dispenser.
  7. Turn off taps using a paper towel to prevent contamination of hands.
  8. Dispose of paper towels in the pedal bin.
A policy might look like:
It is well known that hand hygiene is one of the most important factors in safe production of food. It is therefore vitally important that the company has a robust hand washing policy in place.
Policy aims to ensure
  • A vigorous hand hygiene system is in place
  • Staff are trained to wash hands properly  

All kitchen and service personnel will follow proper hand hygiene practices.The service manager will monitor all staff to ensure that they are following proper procedures and ensure adequate supplies are available.


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