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Free HR Templates

Employee Time Sheet (101.6 KB)

Weekly time sheet template. [Download Now]

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (101.6 KB)

Recruitment form used to monitor and improve equal opportunities. [Download Now]

Induction Training Checklist (102.6 KB)

Employee induction training checklist. [Download Now]

Payslip (101.1 KB)

Payslip template a written itemised statement of pay. [Download Now]

Free HR Policy

Absence and Sickness Policy (105.5 KB)

Straightforward absence policy statement. [Download Now]

Adverse Weather Absence Policy (105.3 KB)

Policy to cover heavy snow, flooding, and severe weather. [Download Now]

Recruitment and Selection Policy (107.1 KB)

Ensure the recruitment processes offers equal opportunities to applicants [Download Now]

Free HR Letters

First Written Warning (63.1 KB)

Letter first written warning / letter to employee first written warning [Download Now]

Final Written Warning (63.0 KB)

Final written warning letter / letter to employee final written warning [Download Now]

First Warning for Lateness (65.5 KB)

First warning for lateness / letter to employee warning for lateness [Download Now]

Final Warning for Lateness (64.3 KB)

Written warning final warning for lateness letter / letter to employee final warning for lateness [Download Now]

Free Health and Safety Templates

Disabled Access Audit Example (102.5 KB)

Undertake a Disabled Access Audit for your reception area [Download Now]

Equipment Maintenance Record (100.6 KB)

Template record used to record electrical equipment maintenance. [Download Now]

First Aid Kit Checklist (100.7 KB)

Check your first aid box with this simple health and safety checklist. [Download Now]

Accident Report Book (110.3 KB)

Template record book used to record workplace accidents. [Download Now]

Free Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Checklist (100.9 KB)

Easy to use health and safety policy checklist - general guide to assess the arrangements required. [Download Now]

Health and Safety Policy Statement (106.0 KB)

Simple and effective health and safety policy statement. [Download Now]

Work Equipment Health and Safety Policy (106.7 KB)

Policy includes equipment used at work including hand tools. [Download Now]

Slips and Trips Policy Assessment (100.6 KB)

Employee survey used to assess the usefulness of health and safety controls [Download Now]

Free Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Lone working Risk Assessment Example (103.4 KB)

Example lone working risk assessment. [Download Now]

Manual Handling Risk Assessment Example (104.8 KB)

Example office manual handling risk assessment. [Download Now]

Risk Assessment Checklist Example (101.7 KB)

Working at height risk assessment Checklist - assess the arrangements required. [Download Now]

Vehicle Lift Risk Assessment Example (103.0 KB)

Example vehicle lift risk assessment example. [Download Now]

Free Health and Safety Training

Asbestos ACM Training Quiz (101.4 KB)

10 questions that can be used to assess asbestos ACM training. [Download Now]

Training Record (101.4 KB)

Example employee training record. [Download Now]

Health and Safety Training Handout (101.5 KB)

Informative training handout for alone workers. [Download Now]

Tool Box Talk Example (104.9 KB)

Tool box talk covers recycling, re-using, reducing. [Download Now]

Free Business Templates

Board Meeting Minutes Template (101.3 KB)

Template for recording the minutes of board meetings. [Download Now]

Business Contractor Agreement (99.7 KB)

Used where a contractor has entered into an agreement with a Company for work. [Download Now]

Customer Feedback Form (100.2 KB)

A customer feedback form can be used to record and monitor customer feedback. [Download Now]

Delivery Note (102.5 KB)

Easy edit template delivery note. [Download Now]

Free Business Policies

Customer Feedback Policy (104.8 KB)

The aim of this customer feedback policy is to underline the worth of customer feedback. [Download Now]

Data Protection Policy (105.2 KB)

The aim of this Data Protection policy is to comply Data Protection Act [Download Now]

Email Policy (106.7 KB)

Short policy that outlines acceptable use of your email facilities [Download Now]

Free Financial Templates

Anti Money Laundering Information Request Letter (64.8 KB)

Anti money laundering information request letter for new clients. [Download Now]

Invoice Template (102.2 KB)

Invoice template without logo. [Download Now]

Petty Cash Voucher (100.7 KB)

Petty cash voucher is used to reimburse employees [Download Now]

Pro-Forma Invoice Template, with Logo (102.8 KB)

Pro-forma invoice template, with space for logo. [Download Now]

Free Financial Policies

Invoicing Policy (105.0 KB)

Outlines the procedures for invoicing customers and escalation for non payment. [Download Now]

Anti Bribery Policy (105.9 KB)

Policy is to help the Company act in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010 [Download Now]

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