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Environmental health and safety templates Environmental health and safety   

While there are many different regulations and ways to ensure that the working environment is safe, it is crucial for firms to think about environmental health and safety. Depending on the nature of the firm and the work they carry out and the materials that they use, there may be a greater focus on environmental aspects. Every firm is liable to have waste of some sort, so this is an important area for every business but for some firms, carrying out environmental health procedures will be one of the most important aspects of their daily routine.
The Environmental Protection Act 1990 provides the main guidelines for the duty of care that a firm that must provide for employees that produce or control waste. There is also a need for a firm to ensure that there is a safe working environment in place.
One of the most important aspects of an environmental policy is the management of waste in the workplace, and there are a number of questions that businesses should ask themselves, including:
  • It is possible to eliminate waste at the start by not producing it?
  • Is it possible to use fewer items allowing you to reduce the amount of waste your produce?
  • Is it possible to reuse any of your waste?
  • Can you recycle your waste?
  • Is there a way that you can dispose of your waste in an effective manner?

This is a checklist that provides a good working practice for any firm, and it may be that being proactive will allow a firm to significantly minimise the amount of waste that they have, allowing them to take greater control of their environmental waste.
Any firm that is working with toxic materials clearly has a greater duty of care to use with respect to environmental health and safety issues. There is a duty of care to ensure that these materials are used safely in work, that they are stored safely and that anyone who comes into contact with them or the area are well protected. There is also a need to ensure that these elements and materials are disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner.
There is a great need to have working practices in place, and this includes written rules and guidelines. This is essential to ensure that every employee knows what is required of them and how they should operate in the workplace. While there will be managers or team leaders who have responsibility for ensuring that a safe working environment is created, every employee has a duty of responsibility to themselves, their colleagues and any guests on the premises.

There is a need to record incidents

Considering the potential dangers of these elements, it is crucial to ensure that any potential problem or issue is recorded and highlighted. This provides assistance in future planning, but it also ensures that all employees are aware of the issues that can arise. It is crucial to impress the importance of every employee having a duty of care to all other guests and employees in the working environment, so there is a need to make sure that everyone is working in a safe manner.

There are key benefits from working in this manner

If your business is unsure of the benefits of committing to such a plan, there are key benefits to be gained from working in this manner. The basic regulations should ensure that there is an incentive to work in the appropriate manner, but many firms may find it is easier to buy into the requirements when they consider that they can save time by working in a more environmentally friendly manner.
The fact that businesses who dispose of waste illegally may find themselves facing prosecution is a major issue, so if you would prefer to avoid this risk, carrying out proper environmental waste management will be of benefit.
You may also find that having a proper waste management process in place will help to boost your reputation and could even see you win business. Customers and clients are keen to work with firms that have an environmentally friendly presence, so being kinder to the environment could boost your bottom line.  

Environmental health and safety law and regulations

In England environmental law imposes a duty on any person who produces or controls waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 . In addition to this all employers must provide workers with a safe working environment where health and safety risks are properly controlled.

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