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Health and safety policy templates Health and safety policy

All businesses, from the smallest to the largest, need to have a health and safety policy in place. The good news is that your health and safety police can be relevant to the size of your business, which means you don’t need to spend money that you don’t have or implement measures that are not relevant to your firm.
It is important to have a competent person undertaking the role of health and safety officer in your place of work. This should be a person with the required skills; experience and knowledge to carry out all health and safety work in your workplace. There are training courses available so even a small firm can have one of their existing employees trained up to a suitable standard. If you would prefer to have an external person responsible for health and safety at your place of work, you can organise this, the freedom is available. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a health and safety policy in place at work and that it is adhered to. If you are a firm that is more at risk of health and safety issues occurring, it may be advisable to employ a specialist in this field.
To make sure that you have and know what you need, it is best to carry out some research. Examining the health and safety policies of similar firms or companies of a similar size and stature to you can be a good starting point. If any of these firms have a health and safety policy template available, this could provide you with an ideal starting point for creating your own checklist and template for health and safety. Understanding what is generally expected from firms is a great starting point but there is a need to ensure that you create a policy that is specific and relevant to your business.

Create your health and safety policy

When you create your own health and safety policy, you should describe how your business will manage the health and safety of the firm, and how you will showcase your commitment to health and safety.
It should be clear on the 5W’s and the H – the who, what, when, where, why and how. If you have a firm with fewer than five people employed in the company, there is no need to have a recorded health and safety policy but if you employ a minimum of 5 people, this is a requirement.
It is important to ensure that your policy is not overly complicated or confusing. It should be simple to understand, as there may be times when the policy is your first port of call when swift action is required. The information should also be understandable by everyone in the workplace so that everyone knows what is required of them. Your health and safety policy should also contain a focus on risk assessment.

Following your health and safety policy

While having a health and safety policy is essential, it is useless if you do not follow the information contained within the document. A good health and safety policy should control all of the risks on your business, and it should contain all of the information that needs to be acted upon. It is then the duty of the firm to ensure that all employees understand the policy and follow it every time they are in work. The creation of the policy is crucial, but it is the following of the health and safety policy that ensures a workplace is kept safe from harm.
You need to remember that different workers may have different requirements, including home workers, and you need to consider people who may be on your premises but who are not employees. Guests, associates, employees of other firms in the building, customers and members of the public should all be considered in the creation of a health and safety policy.

Health and safety policy law and regulations

All employees have a legal right to be protected from workplace related risks. The law imposes a variety of duties of employers and employees. These are broadly covered by The Health and Safety at Work Act but also in more detail in additional regulations dealing with specific issues.


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