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Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, as it is more commonly referred to, is an essential part of any modern workplace, but the PPE on offer in a place of work should be tailored to the needs of that firm and their employees. This means that it is impossible to say that there are certain PPE items that every firm should have but there are certainly industry standards and recommended products for the use of certain items, equipment and machinery.
It is the duty of every employer, or self-employed person, to ensure that satisfactory personal protective equipment is provided to every employee who may be exposed to health and safety risks. PPE is to be utilised when it is not possible to minimise any risk through the user of any other method which is equally or more effective.
With respect to PPE health and safety, every firm must carry out their own risk assessment to assess the individual risks that their employees may face in the course of their work. There is a wide range of PPE available to choose from. For employees working at extreme temperatures, there is PPE clothing that provides them with insulation. For workers who may be at risk of serious injury through dropping items, PPE may include items that provide assistance in carrying or transporting items, while there is also PPE footwear to provide an added level of protection for feet in the case of items being dropped.

Identifying the risks

In identifying the risks, it can be helpful to examine the actions and record of other firms in the same industry. There is likely to be industry guidelines that provide guidance on what PPE is right for certain work and a growing number of suppliers issue PPE instructions for use of their product. It may be that when using a certain product, an employee should utilise a certain item of PPE, so be sure to check with your product suppliers for any information that they can provide.
It is always helpful to examine the company accident record book. This may provide insight into any regular accidents that have occurred in the workplace, providing you with an immediate starting point in improving the standard of safety in the workplace. The accident record book is an integral item for all firms, and if your business doesn’t have one, it is imperative that you start recording any accidents or issues immediately. Many firms would find themselves in breach of regulations if they don’t have satisfactory accident recording facilities in the workplace, so this is something that should be in place. Managing personal protective equipment health and safety doesn’t have to be a difficult, time consuming or costly process, but if a firm doesn’t take the time and effort to follow proper procedures, it becomes a difficult process.

PPE must be maintained in good condition

One of the most important things with PPE is to ensure that the equipment is maintained in good condition. Compromised PPE actually increases the risk of accidents or injuries occurring. This is because an employee may not take as many precautions as they would if they thought that they were fully protected by the equipment. This means that all employees should be fully trained in the use of PPE and when not in use, PPE should be stored safely and in a way that will not cause any damage.
If this requires investment in proper storage facilities or lockers, it is something the company should provide. This is because the benefits that come from maintaining the condition of PPE will outstrip the cost implications of having to replace PPE on a regular basis or the dangers that may arise if inappropriate PPE is being used.
Management and team leaders have a responsibility to impress the importance of using and maintaining PPE correctly to all of their employees, while they must also be on the lookout to ensure that PPE is being used correctly and stored in an effective manner. This is an area where every employee has a role to play, and management levels should look to encourage “buy-in” from all employees.  

PPE law and regulations

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations state that all employers shall ensure that suitable ppe is provided where employees are exposed to a risk to their health or safety.


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