Violence and aggression policy template

Violence and aggression policy template  

Violence and aggression policy 
Violence and aggression policy

This violence and aggression policy is an open format Microsoft Word document that allows the wording to be adjusted to suit different needs. 

Violence and aggression towards staff is rare, any abuse, even at a low level, should not be tolerated. All reported incidents of verbal abuse or physical assault should be investigated by the employer and action considered against the perpetrator.
Our violence and aggression policy provides guidance on how to record incidents where an employee is subjected to verbal abuse or physical assault arising from the work they do. The policy is essential to establish the extent of the problem and identify measures to prevent reoccurrence.  
The policy is not designed to cover incidents arising from private disputes between individuals, which should be dealt with under disciplinary procedures.
The violence and aggression policy template is included in our Health and Safety Folder

Version control
Managing change is the key to making sure that your violence and aggression policy is kept up to date. Everyone knows change is inevitable it’s only a matter of time before your document needs updating. Each of our templates has a web link and number so you can check you are using the latest edition at any time. More  
Violence and aggression

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