Drivers and vehicles

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Driver and vehicle policy

Driver and vehicle forms


Driver and vehicle Driving licences 

The law requires employers to make sure that anyone employed to drive a vehicle has the right licence and qualifications. Therefore employers must have vehicle and driver policies in place that include company vehicles and employees who drive their own vehicles on business. 
It is recommend that employers check the validity of driving licences at least once a year and keep a copy of the document on file. However, where a licence has a number of points it may be necessary to check more regularly. Drivers should be required to inform their manager if they are endorsed or disqualified from driving.
Should an employee be disqualified from driving they will not be insured whilst driving a company vehicle (the company can then be held liable).  This also applies to an employee driving their own vehicle on company business if a claim is progressed in court.
Employers can check with the DVLA that the information on a licence is correct by completing a D888/1 driver entitlement form.
It is also important where an employee use their own vehicle on business to keep copies of their MOT and insurance documents.

Fit to drive a vehicle

All vehicles must be regularly maintained and safe to drive at all times, responsibility for managing this can be assigned to a key employee.  
Drivers must also be fit to drive at all times employees must inform their manager of any medication that may affect their ability to drive.

Driver training   

Providing driver training helps improve company reputation and reduce liability. All drivers must be trained to drive safely and how to deal with a breakdown or accident. Tool box talks can be used to educate drivers and focus on safety. See our driver and vehicle health and safety documents 


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