Employee handbook template

Employee Handbook Template  

Employee Handbook Template Employee handbook 

Our employee handbook template covers over 60 topics that are designed to inform your employees about the rules of their employment in plain English. 
  • Outlines company policy workplace standards and practises
  • Avoids lengthy employment contracts
An employee handbook protects you from the unknown and the difference of opinion you have with staff from time to time.   

Why have an employee handbook

An employee handbook is an effective way of communicating information about your business. It’s good practice to be able to offer new staff a well written, comprehensive guide to your company and your rules. 

Not only does an employee handbook promote good staff relations but it can also act as a training aid and save management time, as employees know where to look for relevant information rather than having to ask. 

You can also use the employee handbook to fulfil your obligation to supply written information about basic terms and conditions of employment. If items contained in the employee handbook form part of a contract of employment, reference to the employee handbook should be made in the contract.
Long drawn out employment contracts, containing a huge amount of detailed information about terms and conditions, entitlements and procedures, are increasingly being replaced by short specific contracts and supplementary employee handbooks containing details of the matters applying to the whole workforce.

The employee handbook example is a open format Microsoft Word document that allows the wording to be adjusted to suit different needs. This employee handbook template is included in our Human Resources Folder

Version control
Managing change is the key to making sure that your employee handbook template is kept up to date. Everyone knows change is inevitable it’s only a matter of time before your document needs updating. Each of our templates has a web link and number so you can check you are using the latest edition at any time. More
Employee Handbook

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