Zero hours contract

Zero hours contract  
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This zero hours contract template is an open format Microsoft Word document that allows the wording to be adjusted to suit different needs. 

Under a zero hours contract the employer is not obliged to offer employees work nor are they obliged to accept any work offered this ‘on call’ arrangement between employer and employee can be used to cope with varying staff requirements.

The contract template covers all the main terms and conditions of employment required by law under the Employment Rights Act 1996.

The zero hours contract template contains standard clauses and some more specific clauses covering the relationship between employer and zero hours workers.

It is essential that you read the zero hours contract template very carefully before taking on the employee to ensure that you understand and can comply with any responsibilities placed upon the employer and employee. 

Managers of zero hours workers must identify and mitigate any negative or adverse impacts placed on the employee and ensure that all staff are treated equally.

Our zero hours employment contract has been updated to enhance employer protection and include associated policies and procedures.

The zero hours employment contract is included in our Human Resources Folder

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Zero hours employment contract 
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