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Ending employment documents templates Ending employment

Employment can end for numerous reasons. An employee can resign or be dismissed however it ends, it’s important to end the employment correctly.


Notice is the length of time that an employee or employer has to give to end the employment. The amount of notice required is usually set out in the employment contract.

Notice can worked or paid:
  • Worked notice is when the employee works through their notice period
  • Paid notice is when the employer pays the employee in full as if they had worked their notice period (also called pay in lieu of notice)


When an employee resigns they give notice to their employer, the notice starts when the employee tells their employer they want to end the employment. 

Final pay 

An employee’s final pay is what an employer owes the employee at the end of the employment. This is paid to the employee on their last pay day or on the last day of work.

Final pay includes:
  • Outstanding wages / salary
  • Annual leave
  • Bonus

Exit interview 

Asking employees to participate in an exit interview is an opportunity to gather information about the working environment and how you might improve. All exit interview information should be confidential.



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