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Grievance procedure policy 

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Grievance procedure Grievance procedure 

Grievance procedures are used to deal employee grievances, grievances are concerns, or complaints raised by an employee with an employer. Anyone that works for an organisation may have problems or concerns about their work place or working relationships that they wish to discuss with their employer.
Grievance issues may include:
  • Workplace relationships
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Working environment
  • Equal opportunities
Grievances are always best dealt with quickly and informally, however, all employers should have a formal grievance procedure to handle cases that are unresolved. Following correct grievance procedure is vital to ensure grievance issues are dealt with promptly, fairly and consistently.
Having proper grievance procedure allows an employee to air their grievances and can significantly improve employee relations.
Grievance procedure aims to ensure:
  • Fair and consistent treatment of all employees who raise a grievance.
  • All employees are aware of their responsibilities regarding grievances.
  • All employees are protected from detriment as a result of raising a grievance.
  • Resolution of grievance matters as promptly as possible.

Grievance at work guide

The ACAS Code of Practice is intended to provide employers and employees with a flexible approach to handling grievance matters. Download the discipline and grievance guide.


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