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Job descriptions are an essential tool for managing people. A job description is needed so that both the employer and employee understand the role and its responsibilities. Without a job description it is very difficult for an employee to be accountable for the role.
Job descriptions:

  • Clarify expectations
  • Provide a clear description of role
  • Prevent random interpretation of the role
  • Essential in dispute / discipline issues
Writing job descriptions is quite straight-forward using our templates start by listing 20-30 job tasks then refine this to around 8-10. Smaller employers generally require staff to cover a wider range of tasks. Therefore the job description might contain a larger list of responsibilities, perhaps 15 -16 however, the number of responsibilities should not exceed 20, or the job description will be ineffective.

Job description tips 

  • Don’t include task details or health and safety procedures in your job descriptions or you will find you need to change them repeatedly every time you change small details. 
  • Don’t put targets into your job description as this doesn’t describe the job.  
  • Don’t use “other ad hoc tasks the manager wants” it indicates that that you chose employees without thought.  
  • Don’t discriminate, the job description must not show any preference according to gender, race, religion, or physical ability.  
  • Be very careful to adhere to relevant employment discrimination law when compiling a job description, job adverts and person-profiles. Don’t make references to race, religion, age, sex, national origin or nationality, or physical or mental disability it's illegal. 
  • When you write your job description think of it as a picture of a job don’t rely solely on a job’s history when putting together a job description, focus you're job description on what your current and long-term needs are.  
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