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Parental leave policy
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Parental leave template Parental leave  

Parental leave allows eligible employees to take unpaid time off with a child in their care and protects their employment rights during the parental leave period.
An employee may take up to 4 weeks unpaid parental leave a year (more parental leave can be agreed with the employer).

Parental leave eligibility 

To be eligible for parental leave all the following should apply:
  • Employed with the company for more than a year
  • Named on the child’s birth or adoption certificate or parental responsibility through the courts
  • Have or expect to have parental responsibility
  • Not self-employed or agency worker or contractor
  • Not a foster parent
  • The child is under 5 or 18 in some special circumstances

Parental leave notice period 

An employee must confirm the start and end dates of their  parental leave with the employer a minimum of 21 days before they intended taking the parental leave.

Why have parental leave policy 

Having a parental leave policy is a major support to employees. Studies have shown this has a long-term positive impact on the employee employer relationship. 

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