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Performance appraisal template Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is an opportunity for individual employees and their managers, to engage in a discussion about performance. Appraisals have become an essential part of the effective management and evaluation of an employee’s performance.
Appraisals help:
  • Develop individuals
  • Improve performance
  • Meet business goals and objectives

Performance appraisals are usually undertaken annually for everyone in the business; however, appraisals are much more relaxed and easier where the manager and employee meet regularly for one-to-one discussions throughout the year.
A performance appraisal usually includes discussion about:
  • Business objectives
  • Progress and development
  • Individual career goals

Performance appraisal is often seen as the key to performance management. A recent survey undertaken by the CIPD indicated that a vast majority of organisations use individual performance appraisals as part of their employee management programme.
Whilst performance appraisal is an important part of managing employees, it is not in itsself performance management. A performance appraisal is only a tool collecting information that can be used to manage performance.
A performance appraisal is usually carried out by an employee’s line manager, it is therefore important that line managers understand their role in managing performance and how a performance appraisal fits in to the overall management of performance.
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