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Personnel record Personnel record

An employee personnel record is the main file that an employer keeps containing the history of an employment relationship from start to finish.
Employers of all sizes need to keep accurate personnel records, for business purposes and because the law requires them to.  Every employer needs to know who works for them, their job title, pay and so forth.
For example personnel records may include:
  • Hours worked
  • National insurance number tax code
  • Emergency contact details
  • Details of any medical condition
  • Health and safety training
  • Disciplinary action taken
  • Attendance and holidays
  • Performance appraisal

Typically only human resource staff and the employee’s line manager have access to the information in the employee personnel file.
The rules concerning the storage of employee data comes under The Data Protection Act. All employees have the right to be told what records their employer keeps about them and how they are used. If an employee makes a request to see their personnel record, the employer has 40 days to provide a copy of the information. Employers should not keep personnel records any longer than is necessary.
Personnel records must be:
  • Up to date and accurate
  • Relevant and not excessive
  • Safe and secure

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