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All the customer service templates are included in our Business Management Folder. Click on the links to discover more about each template.  

What is customer service 

Customer service is the process of making sure that the customers are satisfied before, during and after purchasing a product or services.
  • Good customer service meets the customer expectations and increases sales.
  • Bad customer service generates complaints and lost sales.
Many businesses fail to take account of the value customer service and the value of positive and negative referrals. Your business may offer cut price promotions to bring in customers, but without good customer service you won’t get many of them to come back. Bringing customers back again and again and sending them away happy enough to tell others who in turn become repeat customers is the icing on the cake.  
Where customer service is improved it makes a real impact to staff morale and performance. Customer service is seen by customers and employees as a key business differentiator.   

Customer service tips 

Regardless of what type of business you’re or whether you deal with customers over the phone or face-to-face our four rules of good customer service apply.
  • Always listen
  • Be helpful and courteous
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep
  • Go the extra mile 


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