Document numbers

The document numbers provide a mechanism for knowing where your document is up to date.
By clicking on the document number weblink you can check you have the latest version at any time.
The document numbering consists of letters and numbers ending with a dash and four numbers e.g. (HR.BB.155-01.01) the number to the left of the dash describe the document. The numbers to the right of the dash describe the version.
The first version is always .00 the first amendment, will result in .01 therefore the 7th amendment would appear as .07
Each review will result in the number to the left of the point incrementing by 1 and the number to the right of the dot reverting to two zeroes.
Therefore 04.06 this would indicate 4 reviews since the first version was created and 6 amendments since the last review. 
If the version is 01.00 then there have been no changes since issue.